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Developement of dealer networks

Brand protection and creating value are two of the main competing things in the automotive business today.
The stronger the network communicate and “live” the brand values, the stronger values will be created to each customer and thereby a greater value and profits for dealerships, the general agent and the manufacturer. HOLCO has specialized in developing dealer networks to increase sales and optimize business. This is done through customized training and education.

Individual dealer development

In a highly competitive market, the individual dealer has to be a good ambassador for the brand he represents, and a great leader that motivates his employees. We have more than 20 years of experience in the automotive branch and we know the challenges a dealer faces every day. Fortunately we often know a solution to these challenges. As a trusted partner HOLCO helps the individual dealer with on-site business development to increase profits.

Sales department

HOLCO sales training is everything from small motivation lectures, customized workshops and comprehensive sales academies for all type of car sales including commercial units. Need a stronger performance in handling trade-ins? New car sales? Or sales of F/I and service agreements? Whatever the need is, HOLCO has the experience and the tools. We make todays dealer network ready for tomorrow’s buyers.


An effective sales organization creates both loyal customers and a better bottom line. So why not make your aftersales department the industry’s best? HOLCO offers customized training in customer relation, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty as well. We offer aftersales academies in optimizing operations with the individual dealers KPI´s as the focus. HOLCO aftersales training is targeting dealers, that knows, that the future success in their sales depends on a strong performance in aftersales and strong customer relationships.

Leader development

Business optimization with increased performance equals good leadership on all levels of the organization. In a competitive auto industry, demands for excellence in leadership is increasing no matter if it´s sales department, aftersales or the body repairshop. With more than 20 years in the industry, training leaders, we know how to make leaders successful. The training and education is primarily based on a personal dialog with every individual leader. This knowledge, acquired over more than 20 years, forms the basis for our leadership development training.


WHENEVER you need it

HOLCO have since 1993 trained and educated thousands of managers, sales consultants and service advisors in the auto industry in Denmark and Scandinavia.
We offer highly specialized and customized courses, academies and lectures, with our 20 years of knowledge and experience from the automotive industry. General agents, national sales companies, dealer networks, individual dealers, multi-brand dealers, financing- and leasing companies, are mostly focus for your training and education.

WHEREVER you need it

Everybody has different needs. HOLCO will match your needs in education and training, whereever you want it. If launching a new carmodel is needed – or training new sales advisors is required, we are ready. You are in charge of when and where it takes place. Do you prefer the training delivered as a Webinar, Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) or traditional teaching? The choice is yours. We provide the trainers, and if you wish, the content too.

In-company education

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Education at external centres

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Education online

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Strategisk værktøj til vækst, besparelser og optimering

Vi har talt om serviceaftaler og fordelene ved serviceaftaler i flere årti’er. De fleste har taget det til sig og er godt i gang. 

At serviceaftaler ikke kun er en god idé for bilforretningen og værkstedet, men også for kunderne er velkendt. Flere kunder efterspørger faktisk selv serviceaftaler – vi behøver ikke engang at tilbyde det mere. 

Hos HOLCO har vi undervist og rådgivet bilbranchen i mere end 25 år, og serviceaftaler har altid været en fast bestanddel af vores rådgivning.

Nyheden er – med SAM kan du spare dyrebar tid og få et endnu bedre overblik

For år tilbage havde vi en dialog med et par aktive forhandlere om beregninger, opkrævninger og administration af serviceaftaler. De ville gerne have hjælp til at få endnu mere ”gang i den”, samt at få ”mere styr” på de aftaler de allerede havde. Det var startskuddet til SAM – vi gik i gang med at gentænke måden at lave beregninger, opkrævning og administration på.

Med SAM løser vi hverdagsudfordringer som:

  • Vi kan ikke få en pris på en bil, når den der står for beregningerne, har fri
  • Vi kan ikke beregne brugte biler
  • Nogle kunder bruger ikke betalingsservice
  • Vi får ikke altid holdt øje med om kilometerne i kontrakten stemmer overens med de faktiske kørte
  • Hvilke af vores kontrakter giver overskud, eller underskud og hvorfor



Looking to hire employees?

Every company’s success is determined by the fact that they have the right team. Professionally skilled employees, who can identify themselves with the brand, understand the corporate culture and who will go the extra mile for a joint success. But how do you ensure that you hire the right one? And what do you have to look for?

Let HOLCO assist you in the process. We know the industry from inside and have the technical knowledge and experience to assess the skills you need to look for and which of your candidates would be a good match.

HOLCO doesn’t operate as a recruitment agency nor as a headhunter, but as the management’s right hand when hiring new employees in the automotive industry


This we can help you with…

HOLCO can step in at all stages of the selection process – from initial consideration of a new employee, to the recruitment process and the follow-up employee interview.

➤ Consultancy before hiring a new employee
➤ Design and text for the job insertion
➤ Competence Analysis on candidates
➤ Selection of relevant applications/candidates
➤ Interview of candidates
➤ Follow-up program for new employees
➤ Advice on continuous employee development


Per Søby

Per Søby

CEO, consultant and trainer

Selected experience:
➤ Deputy Director of Automotive – Confederation of Danish Industry
CEOMercedes-Benz Retail Danmark
CSO, Mercedes-Benz Finans Danmark
Industry-related trusts and member of boards

Poul Holck

Poul Holck

Senior consultant and trainer

Selected experience:
Consultancy in personnel selection and development of sales organizations
CMO at Danish manufacturer of production lines for car plants
Trusts and member of boards

Anders Geer

Anders Geer

Consultant and trainer

Selected experience:
➤ Sales of B2B
➤ Sales of B2C
➤ Car salesman, private- and commercial cars

Nikolaj Nørup

Nikolaj Nørup


Selected experience:
➤ Aftersales Manager
Sales of B2C
Cain Consultant

Michael Tabor Rasmussen

Michael Tabor Rasmussen

BM responsible and Dealer development

Heidi Henriette Desler

Heidi Henriette Desler


Belinda Grønvold Jensen

Belinda Grønvold Jensen


Michelle Hansen

Michelle Hansen


Line Vad

Line Vad


Morten Søby

Morten Søby

IT responsible




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