Development of retail chains

Brand protection and value creation are two of the most important competitive parameters for the retail chains today. The stronger the chain as a whole knows how to communicate and live out the brand, the greater value the chain creates for the individual customer and thus ultimately for themselves, the importer and the manufacturer.

HOLCO specializes in developing retail chains that increase sales and optimize the business. The road goes through tailored training and education.

Individual dealer development

In a highly competitive market, the individual dealer must be both a good ambassador for the brand he represents and a skilled leader who motivates his employees.

We have more than 25 years of experience in Automotive and know in depth the challenges that dealers face in everyday life. Fortunately, we usually also know the solution to them.

As a trusted partner, HOLCO helps the individual retailer with on-site business development and increased earnings.


HOLCO sales training spans everything from short motivational lectures to tailor-made workshops and long-term sales academies in all areas of passenger car and commercial unit sales. In need of better performance in the exchange of used cars, negotiation techniques or advice on and sale of financing services and service agreements? Whatever the need, HOLCO has the experience and tools. We prepare retailers and retail chains for the meeting with tomorrow’s buyers.


An effective sales organization creates both loyal customers and a better bottom line, so why not make your aftermarket the best in the industry? HOLCO offers tailor-made courses in customer reception, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, as well as Aftersales academies within operational optimization with a focus on the individual dealer’s BM. HOLCO Aftersales training is targeted at retail chains and individual retailers who know that the sales success of the future depends on safe professional performance and strong customer relationships.


Business optimization and additional sales equate to good management at all levels of the organization. In a competitive automotive industry, the demands on management performance are increasing, whether we are looking into the sales department or out into the workshop. With over 20 years in the automotive industry, we know which leaders perform and why they are successful. This knowledge forms the basis for the management courses and academies we offer dealer chains, and in the personal sparring with individual dealers.