Exactly WHEN you need it

Since 1993, HOLCO has trained and educated thousands of managers, sales consultants and service employees from the automotive industry in both Denmark and Scandinavia.
We offer highly specialized and tailor-made courses, academies and lectures – well seasoned with our knowledge and experience from the automotive industry for more than 20 years. The target group for our training and education is typically car importers, industry organizations, individual dealers, dealer chains, multi-brand garages and financing and leasing companies.

Exactly WHERE you need it

Needs are different. The same goes for HOLCO’s education and training, which takes place exactly where you want it. Whether a pre-test is to be carried out in connection with the launch of a new brand, new salespeople are being trained, information is being given about new rules in the industry or something completely different, you decide for yourself how and where the training is to take place.
As webinar, WBT, VCT, MTV or traditional teaching? In the company, at one of the country’s course centers or online? The choice is yours. We take care of the content.

Education in the company

Education at external centers

Education online


Do you need to hire employees?

The success of any business is determined by having the right team. Professionally skilled employees who live in the brand, understand the company culture and like to take the extra step for joint success. But how do you make sure you hire the right one? And what are you looking for?

Let HOLCO help in the process. We know the industry from the inside and have the professional insight and experience to assess which competencies you should look for and which of your candidates will be a good match.

HOLCO does not function as a recruitment agency or potenzdeutsch headhunters, but as the management’s right hand when it comes to hiring new employees in the Automotive industry.

We can help with…

HOLCO can step in at all stages of the selection process – from the initial consideration of a new employee to the actual hiring process and the follow-up employee interview.

➤ Advice in connection with hiring a new employee
➤ Design and placement of job postings
➤ Competence analysis
➤ Selection of applications
➤ Interviews
➤ Follow-up on employment
➤ Advice on ongoing employee development