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HOLCO provides professional services with a focus on your company and your customers, i.a. through training in management, sales and aftermarket, and not least with the help of HOLCO SAM (Service Agreement system), which helps your company to reach new heights in customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and company liquidity.





Questions about your service agreement?

If you have a service agreement administered by HOLCO and if you have questions or need to change payment information, contact your SAM Team on tel. +45 31 16 92 02 or e-mail sam@holco.dk


Service Agreement Management

HOLCO has developed a service agreement system, SAM (Service Agreement Management), which not only consists of a service agreement calculator, but a system that is involved from the time the customer enters and creates the agreement, until the customer leaves the store when the agreement ends many years later.

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Consulting services.

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Business development


Since 1993, HOLCO has helped companies with development and optimization, including with the help of our service agreement system SAM, training and management development.

Personnel selection


With training in personal analysis, we help companies find the qualified employees for the right position or management development.



HOLCO has taught everything from small companies to large dealer chains in management, sales and aftermarket for more than 25 years.

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HOLCO’s great passion is to improve our customers’ business. Specializing in development and optimization, from small companies to large chains and importers. HOLCO has many years of experience in the automotive industry with training in management, sales and aftermarket. Using our specialized knowledge of KPI, CSI, CI and CRM, HOLCO has, and is helping to shape the industry. HOLCO is also behind the development of the most well-thought-out system for service agreements, Service Agreement Management (SAM). SAM is involved from start to finish and is, in other words, a strategic tool for growth, savings and optimization.

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